Answering calls

Here is a help video for answering and placing calls on your  esi business phone system.

esi help videos Answering and Placing Calls

Answering and Placing Calls

esi Help Videos Aswering and placing calls on your esi desk telephone

Using your phone

Answering a call

When your phone rings, lift handset or press SPEAKER. If your station is set for hands-free answer, intercom calls will be automatically output to your speaker. Placing an outside call Lift the handset, press an unlit line key or dial 9 (or 8 or 7) to be assigned outside dial tone; or, without lifting the handset, dial 9 (or 8 or 7) to be automatically connected to outside dial tone through your speaker.

Placing an intercom call

Lift the handset and press a station key or dial the extension number; or, without lifting the handset, press a station key to call the station through your speaker.

The station LEDs indicate:

  • Solid red = In use
  • Solid amber = Do-not-disturb (DND) mode
  • Solid green = Connected to you
  • Blinking red = Ringing from another call
  • Blinking green = Ringing from your call
  • “Winking” amber = Off-premises

Speed-dialing with Esi-Dex

You can select and auto-dial from three speed-dialing lists (or Dexes): the System Dex; the Station User’s Dex; the Location Dex (if you’re using Esi-Link); and a Personal Dex of names and numbers you have either entered via keypad or captured via Caller ID. (This data may also have been programmed by your Installer or system Administrator.) Press ESI-DEX (while your station is idle) and choose the appropriate Dex from the display. Use the volume/scroll keys to find the desired name. When it appears, select DIAL.